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There are a few setting in Xcode 9 which will help you code much easier in the View Controllers. Apple was nice to improve Xcode 9 and give you the ability to select a theme so you can set the background and code colors in your text editor.

I personally do not like having a black background text editor but you can set that in the editor as well as turn on your line numbers and make your font bigger to see. These simple tips will make coding your iPhone a bit easier.

Stay tuned here as I will be producing all kinds of content around iPhone development. I am currently working on a new Udemy course about programming fundamentals with the Swift language. This will be the perfect beginner course if you have no experience with programming and want to start your career as an iPhone developer.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you but Swift and iOS developers are in high demand. This will be a great course to¬†learn swift online, and start your career as an iOS developer!

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