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A good demo video posted on YouTube as a good way to market it and get some additional downloads. I found a good demo video for an app called iSnipe hockey shooter trainer from How To Hockey. This is a very niche type of app to help hockey players practice and improve their skills for the game.

Here is the video:

Now I do have to admit that I love ice hockey and I have played it all the way back to when I was a kid on a frozen lake in Cleveland to recently in a recreational league. It’s still a ton of fun with a bunch of great teammates and I find it a fantastic work out. OK back to the app and why I think it’s a good demo.

First you can tell that Jeremy is very passionate about hockey and it shows through this video. He even says he’s “super pumped his app is available for all Apple products”.  I like that he starts the intro of the video showing him and giving a brief description on what the app is and what it does holding his iPhone in his hand. This gives you a very nice personal feeling like he talking to you. He annotated that the Android version is now available too. This is actually interesting because he didn’t wait until both version of the app was available before he started marketing. I actually like that for the simple reason that many people procrastinate too long to do things until things are perfect. I know I am guilty of that too. He didn’t, the iPhone version was done so he started marketing and added the Android version later.

He then goes into each detail that the app does with actual screen shots from the app (maybe from x-Code?). This is very good and gives you a nice visual on each function of the app and how to use it and how it might help you improve your hockey skills. He goes through the shot tracker, where he annotates the video with a note on how to use this function “Just click the shot type and input how many shots you took for the day”. He then goes on to the video tips and explain which videos are included, wrist shot, snap shot, back hand and, slap shot. Each with the fundamental and three variations of each shot. Annotations here tell you how these videos will improve your skills “The variations give you variety in your shooting training and make you a better goal scorer”.

He then goes into the training section explaining how the buzzer beater and quick release works which are pretty neat features of the app. The quick release function is neat because it has Jeremy randomly telling you where to try to shoot the puck. This sounds like a fun thing to do and use! The last screen is to track to keep all of your accomplishments and goals with a share function for Facebook and Twitter.

He then finishes the video with a short tip on how to keep track of how many shots you take by having crate full of pucks with a known amount. This was a nice little tip that’s related to the app that’s a nice way to finish out the video.

I hope you found this video interesting and hopefully this will help you create a good video for your apps.

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