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If you have never created an iPhone app then this video will help get you started.

In this video you will learn how to create an iphone app using Xcode. This video is for beginners and here you will create your very first iPhone app in only a few minutes.

Yes it is possible to learn how to create apps and this video will take you through the very basic steps on how to create an iPhone app using Xcode.

I am working on creating an online course on iPhone development for beginners. This will be a great course to take to learn the fundamentals of programming and the starting steps to create an iPhone or iPad app using the Swift programming language.

Stay tuned to learn more and let me know if you have any questions.

It is video we are going to actually create your very first iPhone app. Okay so the very first thing we want to do is open Xcode. Okay we are going to go under file new project we are going to choose a single view app. Hit next and we are going to give the product name as first app  and then make sure you have the rest of this stuff filled in. Make sure you have Swift chosen as your language and all these should be unchecked for now. Hit next.

Okay and then Xcode it is asking me where I want to put the code and I like to put it in an Xcode folder. Next, what I would like you to do selected up here on the upper left, and then just click the play button. The iOS is actually going to build the app and it’s going to open up the iPhone 8 plus simulator.

You can you see it here and it’s spinning up and obviously this app will not have anything in it yet but, you want to always make sure that your project builds & compiles when you first start it. This is to make sure yet don’t have any issues.

So it’s starting and taking a little while. Sometimes it takes a little bit of time the first time that you launch the simulator. There you go so you have an app running there’s obviously nothing on it but we are going to go ahead and I’m going to create something with this that the app.

We first will add a label to the storyboard. There it is, okay so we are going to select the main storyboard here, and then make sure that we have a label selected and we going to drag and drop it.  Okay and then Xcode is kind of cool and gives you someguides that will help you position the label control better on the screen. I’m going to make this a little bit bigger and move this over a little bit.

I double clicked on it and I want to  just write whatever you want the app to display. So I’m just going to write my first app! Okay then I’m going to set up property on this. so I’m going to click off it and I’m going to click back on it and then you click on this little inspector.

Basically these are the controls attributes or the things that affect whatever label or whatever control that you have highlighted at the time. So at the time I have the label selected so, these are properties of the label.

 I’m going to just click here and I am going to come up here and say save. So I save my changes. Then I will run the app again by pressing the play button and then the app will be spinning up in the iPhone 8 plus simulator.  There it goes you can see it’s building and then it should display my first app on the screen. 

So there you go there’s your first app. I know it’s not very much functionality but it is the same steps you take when you start any new app. See you in the next video.

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