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In this video I will show you two techniques to easily convert a photo to black and white using Gimp.

I think you will find this two techniques quite easy to convert color images to black and white using the free Gimp tool. I personally feel that Gimp is one of the best photo editors and the best thing it’s totally free! There is no reason to pay a monthly fee for photo editing software when you can get Gimp for free.

Yes you did read that correctly, Gimp is a free photo editor. In this tutorial I will show you how to use Gimp monochrome. I will also show you how to use Gimp grayscale. Both techniques will give you the ability to convert your images and have Gimp make black and white images and photos.

I believe Gimp is the perfect tool for editing graphics for web site design and mobile app development. There are a number of reason why I think Gimp is better than photoshop and why I use it extensively for all of my projects. First the most obvious reason is Gimp is free. The last time I checked Photoshop came with a monthly cost which can amount to over one hundred dollars per year out of your pocket. With Gimp you can download and use for free on your MAC, Windows PC or Linux box.  How awesome is that?

Upgrades to the product as you would expect are also free! 🙂

GIMP is a much smaller than Photoshop. Overall about about 20x smaller in file size. Installs obviously will go much quicker, and will take up far less of your hard drive space.

Photoshop is extremely resource intensive, if you have an older computer it will be sluggish and slow.  GIMP is very fast and stable even on older PC’s.

Gimp is easy to use where photoshop is bloated with features and functions that you will never use for editing photos for web site design or mobile app design.

Another nice feature of Gimp is it will allow you to open, edit and save Photoshop’s native PSD files. I have done this and it does work well. If you are not using Gimp then, I highly recommend that you ditch Photoshop and start using it today!

In this video I am going to show you how to convert a color photo into black and white using Gimp. So I have a photo on my desktop here I am going to right click on it and say open with Gimp.

Gimp is opening up I actually know two ways how to do this and I’ll show you a both.  You will get slightly different results by each of these techniques but they both work really well and you can kind of compare between the two. 

So the first way to convert to black-and-white is by going on the image drop down and selecting mode and selecting greyscale. You can see the image turns into black and white. So let’s undo that and come back with a color image.

The second way to do it is to actually go under the colors drop down and select desaturate. Now you have a couple different settings here that you can kind of play with. You have lightness, luminosity, and average. Just make sure that the preview is on. Click on the selections so you can kind of see what each of these settings do.

So that’s a little lighter average is a little darker. That’s actually has some really nice contrast. Go with that, yes that’s really cool so you can kind of see it really nice black and white photo with the snow-capped mountains. 

I have created an Udemy course on creating app screenshots and app icons using Gimp for your iOS apps and you can get a huge discount if you click the link below this video. All right so if you want to take advantage of that please do that, if not we will see you on the next video thank you.

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