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There is no doubt about it. Coding can be hard at times and we all need to use tools to help us find a solution to an issue we have in our applications. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when your application is doing something unexpected and you can’t seem to figure out why. There is hope and this article will give you a few good tips on what to do when you run into issues.

My normal research when I have a coding issue is Google. By simply pasting in the error message your IDE is giving you will often times will return a solution that will fix your issue. I have found the error messages produced by the IDE’s to be very confusing at times. Unfortunately searching Google with your error messages can be a very time consuming process and often times the code that someone is suggesting you implement doesn’t work, causes other issues or, simply is not a good coding practice.

There are really good sites like and which can be very helpful when you are stuck and don’t know where to turn. For Apple the official Apple Developer site  is very good, although I find it a bit hard to understand what they are communicating (my personal take on the site).

There is a much better way that I want to tell you about. Wouldn’t be nice to have a One on One with an experienced developer where you can ask your questions and get answers to your issues? is a site where you can do just that. On the site you go and search for a Code Mentor then connect and ask them about the issue you are experiencing. I think this is a wonderful idea and can help you out of your coding snags quickly. The rates are set by the mentor but I have seen them as low as $3 for 15 mins all the way up to $30 for 15 min session.  The 15 min session is probably all you will need to get a coding issue fixed by one of the experts on the site.

Also if you are an experienced developer, you can offer your services on the site and make a little side money by helping others. I think this is fantastic and instead of wasting hours researching the Internet for an answer you can simply go here and get your questions answered. It all comes down to time. Isn’t hours of your time saved worth a small fee? I personally think so and the cool thing is once you have the fix, you can re-use the provided code for any future apps or mobile development projects.

Check it out, I think you will like what you see there.

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