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What if I told you there is a free resource that gives you or your business exposure to over 1.15 Billion (yes that billion with a B) and allow you to post items that are related, fun and informative about your business to promote it? What I am talking about is getting on Facebook and creating a Fan Page for your business. These numbers are staggering and if you have not used Facebook to help spread the word about what you are doing you are missing out on a lot of free exposure.

Here are a few tips that are essential that you will need to do when setting up your fan page. First you should include a picture of yourself or your logo in 180 x 180 px sixe to include in your fan page. Facebook will shrink this down to a 125 x125 px image. Next you will also need a graphic that is sized 851 x 315px for your main header photo. You can also include photos for your first four tabs which are 111 x 74 pixels.

Next, write your About information. This will serve as the main 2-3 sentence description for your company. This will appear on your main Fan page and make sure to include a link to your website in it. Go into the Edit Page area and take a look at the setting and adjust to your preferences.

Once these basics are set up you can start posting cool information that is related to your business or service on your Fan page. It’s important not to sell on your posts but add links to items that you post on your web site, videos you have found, news items and anything else that is cool, related and even fun to engage your followers. I recommend to do this every day for a few weeks before you start to invite people to Like your page.

Once you get some content on your fan page, start by inviting your personal friends to like your page. This is a good way to get started because once your friends like the page it will show in their timeline and all of their friends will see this. One of the best features about Facebook is the viral nature of it. Not only do you get exposure to the person who liked your page or post you also get exposure to their friends. The average Facebook user has 130 friends which means great exposure for you and your business.

You should post items to your Fan Page at least a few times per week. I know business that post items daily but I would recommend not to post more than two to three items per day to your fan page. Consistency is the key and make sure you post at least a few times per week. One item I like to do is post to items that I find using Flipbook on my iPad. It’s an easy way to add new items quickly to my fan page and keep my fans engaged to the items that I found interesting. Another thing you can do is simply post URL’s to interesting items you find when you are doing some browsing or reading pages or blogs on the Internet. Other interesting things you can post are contests related to your business. Make the prize something that is of value to your fans. Also you can post things that engage your readers and ask for their input. People want to be asked what do they think about things and this will help you build an active Fan page!

Finally if you want a good way to promote your Fan page and get many new fans you can buy advertising in Facebook to promote your fan Page. I have noticed that by having the ad link directly to a fan page greatly reduces the CPK of the ads that you are running. This is a great tip that you can use to quickly get a large following in Facebook to help build your brand and business.

A Facebook fan page is now an essential part of Internet marketing for your business. Take an afternoon and spend a few hours to set it up as I feel this is a great way to gain exposure for what you are doing. If people don’t know about what you’re doing, how can you be successful? With 1.15 Billion users there simply is no reason why you shouldn’t set this up and use this valuable tool to help spread the word about your business.

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