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Icon Design & Screenshots For iOS – Increase Downloads

In this course you will learn icon design and how to build incredible app icons & screenshots using only free graphics and tools. With good icon design  your app will stand out from your competition in the Apple App Store. This course will teach you step by step how to create these app assets which will help you increase your download numbers in the app store. With good icon design your potential customers will be attracted to your app. By applying the lessons learned here your app store optimization (ASO) will be optimized and your icon design will be awesome!

Here Is What You Will Learn In The Course:

  • Discover Why Are Icons & Screenshots Important
  • Understand How Much Money Apple Has Developers in 2017
  • Know What Potential Customers See When Searching The App Store
  • Optimize Your App Store Assets For Search
  • Understand What Makes Up a Good Icon Design
  • Learn Color Theory
  • Step By Step Instructions to Create a Fantastic Icon and set of Screenshots
  • Where to Download Free Graphics & Software
  • How to Use The Xcode Simulators to Create Screenshots
  • Enhance Screenshots With Your Apps Benefits
  • Find Your Apps Unique Selling Proposition
  • Learn How to Upload Your Icon & Screenshots Into iTunes Connect
  • Conduct Experiments To Increase App Downloads

You will also get three free Gimp Templates which you can use to create your awesome icons and screenshots for all of your apps. This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk. Buy now and let’s start your journey into improving your iOS app marketing and icon design.


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