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I found a cool new free tool which will allow you to create very nice looking professional screenshots for your iOS apps. The tool is located at The cool thing I found with this tool is, there are five cool looking layouts you can use for your new screenshots. It’s an easy tool to use, you just enter the text you want to add for the screen shot and upload an image then download from the web site to your computer to get your newly generated screenshots.

I believe having good looking screenshots one of the best ways to convince new users to download and try your app. Screenshots definitely are a factor of App Store Optimization, ASO. This tool can help you create professional looking screenshots with the hassle or cost of using PhotoShop or Gimp. There were a few limitations I will warn you about. One is the tool only creates screen shots for iPhone apps and not iPad apps. Also, the image upload should be 1080 x 1920 pixels in size.

Check out the five screenshots I have created for my Beer Emoji app (I think they came out pretty cool):


Here are the other layouts you can choose for your iOS app screenshots:

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