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No doubt Apple Music is one of the best music streaming services there is. I personally own a subscription and really love it.  I find it unbelievable that I can find music that I haven’t listened to for over 30 years on their network. You see I am a musician and a total music lover.

With that being said, did you know you can actually make money as an affiliate for Apple Music? That’s right you can tap into this incredible enormous database of music.

So you might be thinking OK that’s great but how does that help my app business? How about creating an app which has a social networking like Facebook or Twitter but specifically for music. Users can comment on new bands and artists and can also have affiliate links where people can buy tracks and you can earn money.

If you are a musician you can create an app with lessons on how to play various tunes and have an affiliate link in each lesson where users can buy and download the artists track.

To sign up for an affiliate account, go to and complete the online application. Your application will be reviewed within five business days.

This is just the start to what can be done to make music with Apple Music. Do you have any ideas? Please share them here and i will tell you what I think!

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