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Hey there, App Coach Steve here. In this video I want to go over what are the correct App Store screenshot sizes for your IOS app. In iTunes connect it shows you the three types of sizes that Apple requires you to actually have for your app in the app store. The iPhone 5.8 which is the iPhone 10 is optional, it’s kind of hard to see but there’s a little optional underneath this.  So the other sizes are the iPhone 5.5 and the iPad 12.9.

You look at these numbers these inch does inch displays and it’s a little hard to figure out what would what exactly what exactly are those sizes because it doesn’t really say oh that’s the iPhone 8 that’s the iPhone 6. If you go under the screenshot specifications in the iTunes connect developer section here, it’s not really even that much more helpful.  If you look at the iPhone 8 is the iPhone 8 plus the iPad Pro sizes you can see which ones are the correct ones to use for your screenshots.

So what you have to do screenshots with the simulators in Xcode for the iPad Pro the iPhone 10 if you want to include the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8 plus. I hope that clears things up a bit for you.

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