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In this video I am going to show you how to generate your screenshots for your IOS app. So here we are in Xcode and I have my app open and the first thing I am going to select here for the simulator is the iPhone 8 plus and I will press play. Oops actually had it running on one of the other simulator. I will stop and it will build for me here and display the app in the simulator.

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to do this the first time that you run the app in the simulator. The app simulator does act like a real iPhone so I has a bunch of different things that has to kind of go through and and actually put on the device.  There goes it’s actually building and there goes, come on simulator it’s trying, okay there goes now it’s trying to actually fire up the application.

What I’m actually going to show you how to do is not only how to generate the screenshots but, how to upload it each of the screenshots with the proper sizes in to your app listing in iTunes connect. That will help you quite a bit to get things going with your apps.

I will navigate in the iOS simulator and get to the first screen that I want to generate my screenshot. Okay so there is the first screenshot I’m going to say file new screenshot okay and there it is on my desktop.  Okay I will stop Xcode and then I’m going to actually fire up the actually have the simulator running for the iPhone 10.

Im going to do the same thing here so, just to save a little bit of time I just already have that running. I just selected the iPhone X, click the play button, but it running so again it’s going to take a little bit of time . Let’s go under file new screenshot and actually it did create the screenshot on my desktop.  Great it it’s created over here, okay so and then the last one I’m going to do is the iPad Pro.

Okay so let’s go back here that’s the actual simulator you need the iPad Pro 12.9 in iPad Pro iPad Pro. So, I will select the page for iTunes connect for the app. Usually when you create your app you come over here and you have the app information here it’s a little confusing cuz there’s side tabs here than there is top tabs here .

You’ll fill out your information here and the actual screenshots will go into the version which is 1.1 Usually the prepare for submission starting at 1.0. I have 1.1 with this particular app.

The 5.8 inch at this time is the iPhone 10, which is optional and I believe that’s the second one on my desktop.  All you have to do is drag and drop it in see if it uploads. It looks like that is the right size so that actually uploads and then select the second tab here for the iPhone 5.5 inch which is the iPhone 8 plus.

Drag and drop it in, okay that’s good and then the last one is for the iPad which is over here.  Drag it and drop it in it will take a second for it to upload and sometimes you’ll get this message that pops up just give it an okay and don’t let go in.

I do recommend that you do five screenshots but if you have a few, you can actually move them around but just kind of clicking and moving them. So that’s kind of a neat way to do it, and if you want to get rid of what’s there, you just click the little red minus button.

So that’s about it for this video, I do want to remind you that I have a Udemy course about creating awesome screenshots and app icons for your apps and that will definitely help you with your ASO and increase your app downloads and I have a link to it underneath this video and you’ll save a bunch of money if you click on that link. If you want to take advantage of that please do so if not, I will see you on the next video thanks.

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