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What is An Antrepreneur?
What is An Antrepreneur?

iPhoneAn Antrepreneur is simply an entrepreneur that has a business or is working with a team of people to develop, create, market, and sell mobile applications. There are many aspects of this process and often is very confusing because the technology and development tools change relatively quickly.  I will explain Antrepreneurship here and give you some things to sink your teeth into and think about.

If you have good ideas for apps that people can use you can work on creating them or getting them created. The first step is to talk to your friends about the idea and try to get some feedback if your idea for an app would be something that they would use on their mobile devices. If you don’t get good feedback then try to come up with other ideas or approach your friends with a few idea to see which ones they think are good choices to turning into an actual app.

One you decide what you want to build then, you will need to either code the app yourself, work with a friend that knows how to code or hire a contractor to code your app. I think this is where allot of non-coding  Antrepreneur have issues. You can spend boat loads of money if you don’t know what you are doing if you hire a contractor and it will take many months and allot of frustration to learn how to code and put the application together yourself. Possible you can meet developers that are willing to split any money you make with the app for their coding time, but if your hire a contractor on oDesk or Elance they will want a fee for coding.

You have to put together good documentation on exactly what each function and screen the app will have. I recommend written documentation and some sort of a visual layout even if it’s just a hand drawn illustration to give to your developer so they can put the app together to the exact specifications you want. I also do recommend that you get some input from your programmer on options you have for various functions. They may well have done something very similar in the past and can give you some good direction on functions. A good first approach is to start with a few good functions in your first phase. You don’t need to have an app that does 10 things, a few functions is good to start with then get it completed and out to the market to see if people like it. It’s also will be less expensive to build it that way so your not blowing your entire app budget on an app that may fail to make you any money.

Once the app is built, then you need to test it on your actual devices. Try to do as many crazy things that you can with the app because your end users will do many different things and you want to reduce the bugs once you release the app to an app store. Document and report the issue you have seen to your developer, tell them step by step what you did to get the bug. This is very important and include any messages the app is displaying for the errors.

Next you need to market the app. You can start with all of your social networking friends and have them download and add reviews to the app stores. It’s a good idea to do press releases and contact blogs that are related to the apps niche to tell others about it. Try to think outside of the box for marketing, if the app is very niched then you can go directly to related businesses and organizations to help you promote it to their customers and members.

Lastly, you need to keep an eye on the reviews you are getting and if your users are seeing bugs then try to fix them ASAP. Nothing will stop the momentum of app downloads and sales then bad reviews. People do read these so, do your best to keep your customers happy.

So this just touched the surface on what being an Antrepreneur is all about. There are allot of details I left out so stay tuned here for more info. It all starts with an idea, so if you think you have a good idea then go for it!

Please add your comments below. I would love to hear what your experiences have been creating and selling apps.

Steve V


Steve is a Software Engineer and a musician. He has been programming computers for over 18 years and loves to talk shop about software development including mobile devices. Contact him now to find out how he can help you with your mobile development apps or projects. Click Here To Contact Steve

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