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Panda Kung Fu Stack Game

IconI have just released a new game for the iPhone & Ipad. It’s actually a reskin which I changed out the graphics & music and renamed to Panda Kung Fu Stack. This is actually a marketing experiment that I came up with timing the release of this new game with the same day the movie King Fu Panda 3 gets released.

It will be interesting to see how the downloads for this game get affected by having a similar name to the movie. I was actually thinking that Apple was going to reject this app because the name is so close to the actual movie name. To my surprise they actually did accept it and I did not need to come up with another name, and rebrand the screen shots and demo movie for the app store (which is not hard to do but still allot of extra work that I would needed to complete).

The game is free and is supported by Chartboost & Admob ads. I will post the results of this marketing experiment when I get some additional data back. If you would like to checkout the game you can click on the app store image below!


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