What You Can Learn From Henry Ford

henry-fordOver the weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix about Henry Ford and his struggles he had creating a vehicle to sell to the mass US (and world) market. What struck me was his tenacity toward the business and his wiliness to put together innovations that allowed him to assemble a full car for a very low cost which offered an affordable option to buyers of his robust end product. Continue Reading →

How To Do a Great App Marketing Video

A good demo video posted on YouTube is a good way to market a mobile app and get some additional downloads. I found a good demo video for an app called iSnipe hockey shooter trainer from How To Hockey. This is a very niche type of app to help hockey players practice and improve their skills for the game. Checkout the video below then read the rest of this post, I think you will find it useful! Continue Reading →

Getting The Word Out About Your App

Can-Talk2Marketing for your new application is a critical step if your app is going to be successful. Just having a well programmed app that has a nice look and feel and performs smoothly is now not enough to ensure you will get downloads or people purchasing your app in the app stores. One of the key things you can do to get the word out are press releases. Here I will give you a few tips on press releases, whom to contact and, what types of things will get a reporter or editor interested in what you are doing which may lead to a story about you and your app. Continue Reading →

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