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The Apple Watch For Health & Fitness

ap_watchThe Apple Watch was announced this week and one of the main things I can see for this device is the ability to use it for health and fitness. There are currently many different fitness monitors available FitBit, Up, Shine, and Loop to name a few.  The main complaint people seem to have with these is the lack of tracking the correct exercise. These devices know you’re moving, but they don’t really know what you’re doing.  The Apple Watch may be the answer to solving that problem. Continue Reading →

Apple Watch, Will It Catch On?

apple-watchApple will be coming out with their Apple Watch in the early months of 2015. Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the new wearable will arrive on the shelves in April 2015. This new technology brings up some curious questions. Is this something as app developers and Apptrepreneurs (an entrepreneur developing apps), we should embrace and start learning how to develop apps for this type of device or should we not pay much attention to it and stick with the traditional phone and tablet models for our apps?
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