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How to Sell Your App For More Than $.99

thumb_Five_BucksAs you know, the typical app in an app store sells for $.99 which is not allot of money when you consider Apple will take $.30 for their 70/30 split offer. Whether that is a fair deal for developers or not is a debate for another time but, I would like to focus this article on what else you can do to make more money per download and as a result, more money into your bank account. Continue Reading →

Advertising and Mobile Apps

thumb_iAdsIn app advertising has been a good way for developers to create revenue from a free app. What’s interesting is the statistics around mobile advertising and how this will affect the profits for free aps using the mobile advertising networks. In Mary Meeker’s epic, 164-slide Internet Trends presentation shows some very interesting information when it comes to the statistics on mobile advertising. On slide 15 of the presentation shows that 19% of advertising spending still goes to print publications. It also shows people now spend only 5% of their media consumption time on print. Only 4% of current ad money is spent on mobile, even though people now spend 20% of their media time on smartphones and tablets. What’s the conclusion you can draw from this? Continue Reading →

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