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7 Chrome Extensions You Can Use Today To Help Your App Business

thumb_chromeIf you didn’t know, the Chrome browsers has many extensions that add functionality to an already awesome browser. Here are a few of my favorites and can help you market, keep track and make you more efficient with your app business. Continue Reading →

What is An Antrepreneur?

iPhoneAn Antrepreneur is simply an entrepreneur that has a business or is working with a team of people to develop, create, market, and sell mobile applications. There are many aspects of this process and often is very confusing because the technology and development tools change relatively quickly.  I will explain Antrepreneurship here and give you some things to sink your teeth into and think about.
Continue Reading →

What You Can Learn From Henry Ford

henry-fordOver the weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix about Henry Ford and his struggles he had creating a vehicle to sell to the mass US (and world) market. What struck me was his tenacity toward the business and his wiliness to put together innovations that allowed him to assemble a full car for a very low cost which offered an affordable option to buyers of his robust end product. Continue Reading →

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