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Easily Create 2X and 1X Images For Your iPhone App

istuffWhen you are creating images to use in your iPhone app you need to create many different images sizes for the different displays in the various flavors of the iPhone. So if you have an image that’s 200px x 200px then you will also need to 2x at 100px x 100px and 1x at 50px x 50px. To complicate the issue you need to name the images with a specific naming convention so iOS knows to use the proper image resolution for the phone that the app is running on (picName.png, picName@2X.png, picName@3x.png). It’s a bit of a time consuming thing to create all of the images, resize and rename your images to all to work with your app. There a much faster and better way of doing all of this with a free app. Continue Reading →

Apple And The New Music Business

Capitol_Records2I recently heard that Apple is working with record labels to come up with something that is much better than what is currently on the market for streaming music like Spotify or Pandora. The funny thing is this new thing is very tight lipped and no one for sure knows exactly what this is. They have said it will include a steaming service but it will be much more than that. Being a musician myself and music lover, this sounds very intriguing to me.
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