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Advertising and Mobile Apps

thumb_iAdsIn app advertising has been a good way for developers to create revenue from a free app. What’s interesting is the statistics around mobile advertising and how this will affect the profits for free aps using the mobile advertising networks. In Mary Meeker’s epic, 164-slide Internet Trends presentation http://www.kpcb.com/internet-trends shows some very interesting information when it comes to the statistics on mobile advertising. On slide 15 of the presentation shows that 19% of advertising spending still goes to print publications. It also shows people now spend only 5% of their media consumption time on print. Only 4% of current ad money is spent on mobile, even though people now spend 20% of their media time on smartphones and tablets. What’s the conclusion you can draw from this? Continue Reading →

5 Things You Can Do Today To Improve Your App

iPhoneWhen it comes to app development there are many different techniques that you can use to make a mobile application more robust and provide a fantastic user experience. Here are five tips that you can start to implement today to make your app better. Continue Reading →

Understanding Mobile Development Platforms

XcodeIf you want to start developing or you are working with a developer to start on a new on a mobile application it will help if you knew a little about the native development platforms that are the standards for the device types you are targeting. There are also other cross platform techniques and platforms that allow developers have a single code base and deploy to multiple device types which we will also cover here. Finally I will talk a bit about game platforms and what is available there.  Continue Reading →

20 Techniques That You Can Use Today To Increase Your App Downloads

downloadOne of the main thing I hear developers are looking for (myself include in this) is how do I increase my downloads for my app in the app stores? I came up with a list of 20 items that you should consider. Some of these may or may not be appropriate depending what your app is and what it does. Check it out!  Continue Reading →

How To Reach Your App Goals

GOALSSo you came up with an app idea and you think it’s pretty good so, you decided to pursue it into an actual app that you can sell on an app store. When you start to look into the actual development you realize there are an overwhelming amount of steps that you need to take to finish the app and actually get it in the app store to sell. What do you do? Continue Reading →

Should You Develop Apps For The Windows Phone?

Windows_phonesIf you are an app developer you already know that the Apple and Google apps stores offer a tremendous marketplace but at a very high competitive rate.  You chances of getting noticed and receiving millions of downloads are pretty slim without doing additional marketing outside of the optimization of your listings within each store. My research revealed as of 2014, the Google Play store has over 1.4 million available apps, compared to just over 1.2 million for Apple’s App Store.
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Apple And The New Music Business

Capitol_Records2I recently heard that Apple is working with record labels to come up with something that is much better than what is currently on the market for streaming music like Spotify or Pandora. The funny thing is this new thing is very tight lipped and no one for sure knows exactly what this is. They have said it will include a steaming service but it will be much more than that. Being a musician myself and music lover, this sounds very intriguing to me.
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What is An Antrepreneur?

iPhoneAn Antrepreneur is simply an entrepreneur that has a business or is working with a team of people to develop, create, market, and sell mobile applications. There are many aspects of this process and often is very confusing because the technology and development tools change relatively quickly.  I will explain Antrepreneurship here and give you some things to sink your teeth into and think about.
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Apple Watch, Will It Catch On?

apple-watchApple will be coming out with their Apple Watch in the early months of 2015. Apple CEO Tim Cook has revealed that the new wearable will arrive on the shelves in April 2015. This new technology brings up some curious questions. Is this something as app developers and Apptrepreneurs (an entrepreneur developing apps), we should embrace and start learning how to develop apps for this type of device or should we not pay much attention to it and stick with the traditional phone and tablet models for our apps?
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Success With Your Mobile App

Man_IdeaSo you came up with a brilliant idea for a mobile app? That’s fantastic but, before you go out find a developer and quit your day job, there is allot of factors that will help or hurt the success of your app. Continue Reading →

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