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Panda Kung Fu Stack Game

IconI have just released a new game for the iPhone & Ipad. It’s actually a reskin which I changed out the graphics & music and renamed to Panda Kung Fu Stack. This is actually a marketing experiment that I came up with timing the release of this new game with the same day the movie King Fu Panda 3 gets released.

It will be interesting to see how the downloads for this game get affected by having a similar name to the movie. I was actually thinking that Apple was going to reject this app because the name is so close to the actual movie name. To my surprise they actually did accept it and I did not need to come up with another name, and rebrand the screen shots and demo movie for the app store (which is not hard to do but still allot of extra work that I would needed to complete).

The game is free and is supported by Chartboost & Admob ads. I will post the results of this marketing experiment when I get some additional data back. If you would like to checkout the game you can click on the app store image below!


Flying Penguin Jump Trailer

I put together a trailer for my game Flying Penguin Jump. It was actually pretty easy to put this together using iMovie on my MAC. I had allot of fun putting this together, let me know what you think of it!


Sensor Tower Review

STIt’s no secret that the app stores have become a very competitive environment. The days are long gone where you can simply create an app, get it uploaded and accepted in an app store and have 100’s to 1,000’s of downloads without doing any additional steps. These days you have to perform additional steps and research to identify how strong or weak your competition is and if it’s even worth putting the development time and money into an app. This research will only be as good as the tools you are using to rate the competing applications and the keywords they are using to try to target their key demographic. Without these tools you would only be guessing which is never a good thing especially when there will be allot of time and possibly money invested into what you are developing.

Continue Reading →

How to Sell Your App For More Than $.99

thumb_Five_BucksAs you know, the typical app in an app store sells for $.99 which is not allot of money when you consider Apple will take $.30 for their 70/30 split offer. Whether that is a fair deal for developers or not is a debate for another time but, I would like to focus this article on what else you can do to make more money per download and as a result, more money into your bank account. Continue Reading →

Simple XCode Tips To Help You Today With iOS Programming

I discovered a few neat tips that I will share with you here to help you when you are programming iPhone or iPad apps in Xcode. Check it out!

1The first tip is the ability to use special characters in your app. If you have an element on a View like a label and you want to put a special character but you don’t want to use an image then you can go to the Edit – Special Characters menu.  You will see there are a number of categories that you can select including Arrows, Currency Symbols, Math, Bullets/Starts and even Emoji’s! Once you find the character you would like to use then, double click and the special character gets placed on the element. Continue Reading →

Help When Your Stuck Coding Your App

fustratedThere is no doubt about it. Coding can be hard at times and we all need to use tools to help us find a solution to an issue we have in our applications. I know firsthand how frustrating it can be when your application is doing something unexpected and you can’t seem to figure out why. There is hope and this article will give you a few good tips on what to do when you run into issues. Continue Reading →

Easily Create 2X and 1X Images For Your iPhone App

istuffWhen you are creating images to use in your iPhone app you need to create many different images sizes for the different displays in the various flavors of the iPhone. So if you have an image that’s 200px x 200px then you will also need to 2x at 100px x 100px and 1x at 50px x 50px. To complicate the issue you need to name the images with a specific naming convention so iOS knows to use the proper image resolution for the phone that the app is running on (picName.png, picName@2X.png, picName@3x.png). It’s a bit of a time consuming thing to create all of the images, resize and rename your images to all to work with your app. There a much faster and better way of doing all of this with a free app. Continue Reading →

The Apple Watch For Health & Fitness

ap_watchThe Apple Watch was announced this week and one of the main things I can see for this device is the ability to use it for health and fitness. There are currently many different fitness monitors available FitBit, Up, Shine, and Loop to name a few.  The main complaint people seem to have with these is the lack of tracking the correct exercise. These devices know you’re moving, but they don’t really know what you’re doing.  The Apple Watch may be the answer to solving that problem. Continue Reading →

College Swift Class Free: Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift

thumb_Apple_Swift_LogoHow would you like to attend a Stanford college level class for free to learn iOS 8 development with Swift? Now you can do just that from home. Paul Hegarty is the professor and I have watched other classes that he has taught and I find that he is very knowledgeable about Software Engineering and easy to follow. In this class, you will learn how to build cool apps and do real-life Object-Oriented Programming.  Continue Reading →

7 Chrome Extensions You Can Use Today To Help Your App Business

thumb_chromeIf you didn’t know, the Chrome browsers has many extensions that add functionality to an already awesome browser. Here are a few of my favorites and can help you market, keep track and make you more efficient with your app business. Continue Reading →

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